The 1 you can trust

Hi-Q Tokai is a family owned and operated business that has been serving the automotive needs of our loyal customers in the southern suburbs for over 20 years.

Our technical team are well-loved and their expertise recognized and respected in the marketplace.

We understand that you bring your car to us to maintain, repair, service and care for. Our technicians are proficient and know their turf well.

Waiting for a tyre change, a wheel alignment or major car service in our environment will take you by surprise. Make yourself at home, enjoy the perfect Nespresso® and feel secure that you are in an environment of care and trust.

Our singular focus – however – is YOU:

your time is precious and limited;
you are faced with innumerable choices in a marketplace characterized by service providers
who don’t take you seriously;
you need to know that you can trust us.
We will educate you on your vehicle and it’s components, and we will assist you in procuring the best possible solution for you and your car.

Our Services

We offer free Tyresurance, a unique value offering from Hi-Q Automotive that insures your tyres.  Hi-Q Tokai will fetch, drop-off & deliver in surrounding areas at our customer’s convenience, and has a dedicated WhatsApp line for an additional and alternative communication preferences.

We offer:
Batteries, Tyres, Shocks & suspension, Exhausts, Brakes, Towbars, Bullbars, Wheel alignment, Balancing, Rim repairs, Vehicle servicing & maintenance and more.

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🚗🔋 Keep your ride running smoothly with Hi-Q Tokai's top-notch car batteries! 💪⚡️We've got a wide range of high-quality batteries that you can trust to deliver reliable performance and long-lasting power for your vehicle. Whether you're cruising through the city or embarking on an epic road trip, our expert team is here to ensure you get the perfect battery to match your car's needs. 🌟✨ Don't settle for anything less than the best - choose Hi-Q Tokai for all your#HiQTokaie#CarBatteries#qualityserviceBatteries #QualityService ... See MoreSee Less
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🚗 Ensure the safety of your loved ones on the road with Hi-Q Tokai! 🙌Did you know that Hi-Q Tokai offers a comprehensive car safety check to make sure your family and friends are protected while traveling? 😊From tire pressure and tread depth to brake performance and suspension, our expert technicians will thoroughly inspect your vehicle, giving you peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are in safe hands. 🛡️Don't compromise on safety! Book your car safety check today at Hi-Q Tokai and enjoy worry-free journeys with your dear ones#HiQTokaiT#carsafetycheckC#PeaceOfMindf#familysafetyafety ... See MoreSee Less
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My name is John Johnson

“I challenge you to find a more satisfying way to look after your car. We are shaping a business that cares for and serves people first.”

Hi-Q. The one you can trust.


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